“Wilde” about Breastfeeding: a post with some thoughts about it (beware)…

1.  What’s that title? So risky?!?!?  E explains the inspiration for this post here better, then continue reading or “maybe covered” if your appalled.  


2.  Aaaaaa, “breast feeding”, for so many Moms those words mean so many things.  From a ‘breast is best’ to a cringe of a memory, breast feeding is something I have heard so much about, recently but even more recently if that makes sense.  Why is it that even just titling this post I hesitated?  I guess I didn’t realize how sensitive I am myself about it or maybe insecure is a better term?   I also never realized how much breast feeding was going to “consume” me.  However with it being National Breast Feeding week, there is a lot of buzz and articles going around about it so I felt compelled to share.  

This weekend we “got away” for a night to visit with family.  One of my friends said, “I bet you’ll have a lot to blog about after you get away for the first time with a newborn”, but as I wrap my mind around about it, one of my biggest worries getting away from my house was breast feeding.  Fortunately my husbands family was super supportive and encouraging and even helped me pick out a couple tops that would make nursing look more “glam” and less “look at my breast feeding cover”!  However, I was still very unsure about doing it in public.  Both times I tried I needed my cover for so much support it should have been a cape.  Now that I am a breast feeding mother I guess I am so much more aware of what is going on.  You probably will never see me “uncovered” however with all this breast feeding “press” it’s building some confidence in myself, and hopefully others. 

I have but one thing to share (cause I could say so much), breast feeding is soooo hard, and most of all I like the word I used above, consuming.  What I would do to eat an entire pizza, spend the day with milkshakes, or just indulge in a glass of milk, or lets be serious an entire bottle of wine, or oh wait, a MARGARITA…. But it’s very quickly known that anything I eat baby also eats, and he is quite particular.  Mom aka “the boob” has to be present for food, feedings, comfort, all the time.  Right now 8-9 times a day I need to be “there” to feed my son for anywhere from 8-45 minutes. It really is an extension of pregnancy.  Completely worth it but very consuming.  I had a thought tonight while completing maybe one of my last feedings, it’s like people should look at boobs in two different ways, one for their sexy appeal and one for their motherly feeding appeal.  And if a mother is breast feeding, she is naturally doing something she has been gifted to do.  If she is posing nude you may also think she is doing something she’s been given the gift to do.  Any breast feeding mom would probably agree, hope, and support the idea it’s like a whole different reason for “boobs”.  (I have never publicly talked about them so much so this is getting awkward).  Anyway, in I must close this, so if you see someone breast feeding, do something to make them feel comfortable.  I can’t even begin to describe my frustration with people who are negative about it because they have no idea how hard it is.  Whether breast feeding worked or didn’t work for you I give you a high five because you tried.

Also, for the first time today I breast feed at the pool.  I was covered, and had my back to the crowd, but I did it.  

This image supports my thought on “2 different kinds”, from my Olivia Wise, unfortunately she had to post this over the weekend after someone made a rude comment to her, obviously, while she was breast feeding. 


Here are some articles that have been shared this week that you may find interesting!  

This blog entry which is part of Huffington Post’s articles for breast feeding week (I love them now even more that they are doing this)… One of my favorite quotes:

“I don’t have an ax to grind. I don’t feel that this is my “cause.” It’s strange to me that such a simple, obvious, basic act merits any defending at all. But I want to say something. Because underneath the discomfort with exposed nipples, there is something deeply hurtful and uncompassionate in the wrongful categorization of nursing mothers as inappropriate. It suggests a basic misunderstanding of our bodies, and a strange dismissal of our collective infants’ needs.”

Why can’t you just nurse with a cover? An Answer in photos.

Kids eating lunch under a cover (this made me giggle)

10 Breast Feeding Myths that Won’t go Away

Breast Feeding is Difficult

3.  Today is National Purple Heart day.   Thinking of some extra special soldiers and their wives who have hearts of gold.  Mills and King every day you are parts of my strong heart. 


4.  I really needed a glass of wine tonight.  

5.  Sunshine today.  I couldn’t have gotten through without seeing and enjoying the sunshine.  I got brave enough to bust out my beachfront baby wrap today.  It’s like a mesh MOBY wrap for the pool!  It was fantastic and if you are a beach or a pool person you should check it out here!



One thought on ““Wilde” about Breastfeeding: a post with some thoughts about it (beware)…

  1. Melissa….you nailed it when you said that breast feeding consumes you. It does but…..it is the best for your baby. I nursed for 14 months with both of mine and wish I could have continued but both Erin and Quinn decided that they were ready for the next step in life….a sippy cup! I do want to let you know that I never pumped, I drank a little wine and yes MARGARITIAS, I did NOT pump and dump, and both of mine are great! I was on call 24/7!!! I nursed both everywhere and anywhere….You need to get the tops that will allow draping over the baby. Forget tucking in…and remember….everything you wear will have spit up on it! All that said…I would do it all over again in a minute! Don’t let all the hype and the comments from others scare you…live, eat, drink and NURSE! I am proud that you are giving baby Jackson the best thing you can ever give him! XO


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